Slush 2018

Video Insert Offer for companies

Slush is approaching with “turbo” speed. This year Slush is celebrating 10 years anniversary and therefore Slush will get even more attention. One way to increase your visibility in the best startup event of the planet is to create a video insert.

Therefore we have created an offer for 3 minute long clip, including:

  • content preparation,

  • video shoots,

  • editing

  • and delivering the material with full rights

  • optionally we follow the companies during the Slush week, if so desired.

The normal rack price for this is 900 euros, but with the pre-negotiated discount we are happy to offer this package for only 450 euros.

We are currently in the process of creating a documentary about Slush. Please watch a teaser from here :

We hope to start filming the first batch of videos on the last week of November.

Make your video now and then you can send it to 600 other journalists and capture the attention of those investors and other possible partners who are attending at the Slush.

Vahur Orrin ,  Producer  +372 524 18 19 ,